Clutter family home for sale.

I was meandering around the internet the other day and discovered that the Clutter family home in Holcomb, Kansas (which is near the towns where I went school as a youth and the town my parents currently live) is for sale.

I note it because it’s interesting to see the house and interior now, after having seen all the horrific photos of it as a crime scene. Here are some photos:

*A note-I tried to get these photos to align right and I seem to be missing something, but I can’t figure out what. My apologies.

One of the bedrooms:

Another bedroom:

A modern look down the tree path that leads to the home, which was so aptly described in Truman Capote’s book:

And a look into the basement, where Herb Clutter was killed:

It’s a very lovely home, and the current owners (since 1990), the Maders, are the third owners. I hope that some family can make it their own and erase some of that bad “vibes”, for lack of a better word.
Related, while I was looking for some other photos for this post, I also found this:

It’s a photo essay in the Lawrence (Kansas) Journal-World commemorating the 40th anniversary of the book. Included are several photos highlighting the fun and functional parts of the home-which Herb Clutter designed and built himself.

This is a link to the entire series featured in the LJWorld-definitely a must-read for anyone who is interested in the story:

And finally, this is a great story from that series about the Clutter home:

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  1. Is this house still for sale?

  2. Last I checked-and it’s been about a month-it was.

  3. You mentioned that you’ve seen the clutter crime scene photos. I’ve been all over the web and cant seem to find them. Can you provide any info?

    • If you go to you will find the son and fathers photos…. it was deemed improper to publish the womens’ photos in that time period.

  4. I think the photos I mentioned were a part of an A&E Special on the murders. And as I recall, there were only a few of them.

  5. is this house still for sale?

  6. Hi,
    Reading thru the posts, I see that someone else is having a difficult time finding any type of crime scene photos. I teach a criminal justice class on infamous crimes in the 20th century and have taught about the Clutter murders and Capote’s time in Holcomb. If anyone could point me towards a site with the photo’s (thye pics that were used in the “A & E” show would be fine)it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for any help.

  7. I am not sure they are available online. But I did find out that the Finney County Library (in Garden City, Kansas) has a nice big digital file of photos related to the case. I didn’t have time to go through them all, but if you’re really desperate, that might be a good place to call and ask.

  8. Here is one link to file photos related to the Clutter murder.


    Someone posted footage of a visit to Holcomb… Brief view of crime scene photos @ 2:45

  10. Hello! How much was the house on the market for? And is it still for sale do you know?
    I think its a very interesting piece of proptery considering that herb built it!

  11. The Finney County Sheriff’s Office needs to give up the dirt as I’m sure they have the crime scene photographs.

  12. If anyone is still looking for crime scene photos of the Clutter family, amazon has two copies of the A &E documentary. There are crime scene photos in there and these are like hen’s teeth to find. You might see if they are still available.

  13. The Finney County Sheriff’s Office has the crime scene photos and I believe anyone with a legitimate purpose can see them by making an appointment. I did a documentary on the case and we were allowed to see the photos.

  14. house is not for sale any longer.

  15. I was wondering; if anyone knows the address to the clutter house? please let me know.

  16. Wonder if anyone’s ever considered turning the Clutter Home into a B&B ? This may sound odd, but I’ve always wanted to visit the place. Read the book in early 1970’s and have been quite haunted by it since. Met the now-grown children of Mrs. Helm, the housekeeper, online, around 2002, and we communicated for awhile, but I lost touch with them. They were very kind people.

  17. Hi…I’ve been to the Clutter house 4 times, from 1969-2002…I have Mabel Helms”s (the Clutter’s housekeeper) son and daughter’s email address, if you like…they made a keepsake tape of their mother telling what all happened back in 1959..It was made when she was 90 years old in a Ponca City, Oklahoma nursing home..very interesting! The only crime scene photos of the Clutter’s I have ever saw, were on A&E’s “American Justice”…Eveanna married Bill Mosier, after Don Jarchow passed away in 1970..Vere and Beverly English and Eveanna and family live near each other…The Garden City Telegram made a CD with about everything pertaining to the crime..back in 2001 or 2002…I went by there and got that…AFTER having already spent a dime a page, of it at the library…came to over 200 pages…lol….Mark

    • Do you still have there e-mail address? I have many items regarding that evening and would love to talk to them about it…..PLMK – Thanks – Jason in NY 518-461-4444

  18. There’s documentary footage on youtube that features pics of the crime scene which I believe only shows three of the four murdered in the home.

  19. Do you know what the documentary is called on youtube? I haven’t been able to find anything. Thanks!

  20. This is so interesting, that after almost 50 years since all this took place, there is still interest in what happened. For you that have read “In Cold Blood” know that Earle Robinson and my grandfather, Wendle Meier, were the first two law enforcement officers to the scene of the crime and my grandmother Joise cooked for the prisoners in the county jail. After my grandfather pasted away in 2004, I inherited a satchel of items that were Perry Smith’s. Alot of interesting stuff. What is really interesting is that Perry gave this satchel to my grandmother after they were sentenced and sent to death row in Lansing, KS. I’ve been holding on to it because it means more to me than most people and because of the realtionship Perry and my grandmother struck up while he was staying in the ladies cell at the county jail. I do have an inventory of the items and pictures if anyone is interested and I would be more than happy to share with you what I have in an email.

    • Hi: I would like to see all Perry Smith´s items you have.Thanks

    • On sept 17, 2006 i was granted unprecedented access to photograph the entire interior as well as exterior to the clutter house in Holcomb, KS. To go through the house inch by inch is even somehow more creepy when you realize the original black and white movie was shot inside the actual house where the crimes took place.


    • I would like to see what you have. My e-mail is Thanks. Denise.

    • I would like to see what you have. Thank you. Denise.

    • I would like to see the items you have. Thanks.

    • I don’t know if you are still responding to this, but I would be very interested in seeing the items. My email address is:

  21. Wonderful site=) will visit once again,,

  22. @ Wendle Meier’s Grandson-

    I’d be really facinated to hear some of your grandmother’s experiences with Perry. I’m reading ICB for the second time and find him the most interesting character in the book (as I’m sure most people do).

    I would really appreciate if you emailed me about it at

  23. I am reading In Cold Blood for the very first time. For my advace english 3 class. I’m not all the way through it yet but I find it very fasintating.(excuse my spelling) If anyone has any other websites I could go on so I can research the family my email address is
    Thank you

  24. I’m interested in buying any CLUTTER items…..Especially anything from the house or the 1959 & 1960 Holcomb yeardbooks. Call me (760) 318-1977

  25. I also have crime scene photos. $50 for 8X10s…….

  26. to Wendle Meier’s Grandson :

    I am such a fan of “In Cold Blood” and more than interested everything about it and especially Perry Smith. So I would be very grateful if you could email me about your material:

    • I am a family friend of Beverly English who was away at school when her family was murdered. How can you be a fan of the act or story of a murdered family and Truman Capote who didn’t give a damn about the Clutters at all but cared more for the killers …… many sick people in this world !

  27. Wendle Meier’s Grandson – – Hello. I would love to contact you to discuss seeing the items you have. Thank you! 🙂

  28. When I see a child with his or her parents, I feel envious and happy for the child at the same time. ,

  29. Wendle Meier’s grandson— Ive been reading ICB this year. I absolutely loved it. I find it so interesting how you have some of Perry Smith’s belongings! When I read your post, it blew my mind. I would LOVE if its not too much of a burden for you to email me those pictures or footage you have from him or the Clutter case overall. My email is:
    Thank you in advance, and hope to have contact with you soon.

  30. I also have the CHRIST painting by Perry Smith…and I’m looking for any other items pertaining to the Clutters or the case. (760) 832-8533….Any of you going top Holcomb for the 50Th Anniversary? I am!

  31. Yes I also would like pictures and footage that you have to share…you can email me at

  32. To Wendle Meier’s Grandson,
    I’m 16 and I’m studying In Cold Blood for my A Level English Combined Class. I’ve finished reading the book and I got so totally engrossed in it. I’ve never read anything like it before and I loved it to the point where I’ve been researching everything I can find about it. I would absolutley love it if you could email me the footage and pictures you have. I’m so intrigued about Perry and I would love to see anything you have! They would amaze me! Thankyou! 😀

  33. Oops! I forgot my email! Typical –
    Thank in advance! It would be so amazing if you could email anything you have! 🙂

  34. Pathfinder – July 24, 2009 at 8:51 pmInteresting exposures. ,


    I am from the Philippines and just completed reading the book IN COLD BLOOD tonight. Can you share what you have through this email? ATHAN@ONSEMI.COM. I loved her relationship with Perry and wonder if your Grandma really liked Perry as described in the book

  36. I’m reading In Cold Blood for my AP English Composition class and am very interested in the entire case. I would like to visit the Clutter home. If anyone has the exact address that would be fantastic. Also if anyone can tell me the grave sites of the Clutter family, as well as Perry and Dick that would be even better. Also if anyone can lead me to any sites where I could learn more about the case I would be very grateful. You can e-mail me at

  37. In Cold Blood is such a haunting book and story. I re-read it every November. I guess it’s my “tribute” to the Clutter family. I really don’t care about Dick and Perry…it is the Clutter family that haunts me. Maybe it is because I have found so many similarities in the Clutter family and my family’s lives (horse named “Babe”, 4-H members, enter baked goods into county fair, live at the end of a long, tree lined driveway in a rural community, boy and girl children living at home, and a bunch more stuff…). Their story has become one of my “obsessions”, I guess, and I think of them every November. I know that the Clutters are remembered by many and for some reason I find that comforting.

    • I also read it every November.

  38. I am currently reading ICB. I have been scouring online for the Clutter house layout/floorplan, as well as interior and exterior pictures. Interested in building it on our farmland. Anyone know where I can locate these online?

  39. If anyone is still having trouble finding the crime scene photos, I stumbled across these today:

    They’re what you’d expect for 1959 in terms of quality, but absolutely heartbreaking – particularly the photo of Kenyon after the murders.

  40. I am a junior in highschool, and we read In Cold Blood my Sophomore year. i absolutely loved the book-couldn’t put it down.I am now doing a paper on the Clutters. if anyone has ANY good sources for me- let me know. please & thank you! I would really love to have some of the crime scene photos. that would be great. thanks! 🙂 🙂

    also, if you have anything that would be useful to me, pictures, etc, that would be amazing. i would truely appreciate it, from the bottom of my heart. 😀

  42. DANG IT! for got my email address.
    Thank u sooo much!

  43. Is anybody planning to go to Holcomb for the 50th anniversary?

  44. I don’t know the official address, but it’s at the end of Oak Street in Holcomb.

  45. 50 years. May they rest in peace.

  46. Best book I’ve ever read. Sad, and horrifying at the same time. I’ve often wondered why these particular crime scene photos are so closely guarded. I have seen all the documentaries and photos posted around the net and on this site, but you know that there has to be alot of crime scene photos that have never been “relaeased”. Very closely guarded indeed.

  47. Yes I just got back from Holcomb last night…..With the exception of a 3 day story in the Garden City Paper and a 5 minute newsclip….I never ran into anyone that was there for the anniversary….I was at the Clutter House twice during the trip. The first time on the 14th (8PM)and then on the 16th (1PM) and got some great photos. On the 16th I entered the farm from the back entrance which I didn’t know existed. Thanks to a very nice relative of the current owner….I really had an incredible time…..It’s really a haunting place….The Chinese elm lined lane is very creepy…even during the day….It has the same kind of feeling the Sharon Tate house had….There’s just an aura of sadness and evil….When I got home last night I looked up at my Perry Smith Art and just shook my head. I’ll never understand how anyone can murder….Email me at if you have questions…

  48. Does anyone know the address of the clutter home?

  49. Hello would you be able to send me photos of perrys belongings? xx

  50. Does anyone know what ever happened to Floyd Wells after he was imprisoned in Mississippi?

  51. I think someone shoul make a miniseries of from where Perry and Dick where born right up to the time they were executed.The series should also inlclude lives in detail of Cluttler family.

  52. i think the clutter case was truly horrific im learning about it im one of my classes

  53. Thankyou to Lauren for the webpage which showed the Clutter crime scene photos-first time I have been able to find and they were very heart breaking to view. I also would also love to hear from Wendle Meier’s Grandson concerning what impressions she had of Perry Smith and what belongings he gave to her. I would love to hear from you at:
    Thank you

  54. Wendle Meier’s Grandson,

    Can you please send me the pictures too?

    thank you!

  55. Wendel Meires grandson. Could you please e-mail me what you can. I’ve followed this case for about 40 years now. I would love anything you have. I know many has asked for your attention. I appreciate your time and trouble. Thank you very very much in advance.

  56. Sorry I forgot to give you my e-mail

  57. God almighty!

  58. I Just Seen The Movie On TCM, 6/16/10 O MyGoodness.

  59. I am in the middle of reading the book and just had to go on line to put faces to the people.Thank you to everyone who took the time to post links.
    After reading the comments I am wondering if the pictures of Perry’s belongings and any other pictures were shared. If so I too would like to ask someone out there to share with me. is my address. Please put ICB in the subject line. Thank you.

  60. I just finished reading the book, as well. I was amazed at the similarities (even the murder dates) of the way the women were “covered” after the murders, just like Ron Defeo, Jr. of the Amityville Horror, who murdered his parents and 2 sisters and 2 brothers in the house. He didn’t tie them up, but it was eerie, nonetheless…neighbors did not hear the shotgun blasts, etc. Spooky. I did see the Amityville house in person last year (wish I could afford to buy it–it’s for sale now) and now would like to see the Clutter house one day. Can’t believe it’s took me this long to read the book. Rest in Peace. I feel just AWFUL for that family. Are the sisters still alive? As for Dick and Perry–they can rot in hell.

  61. Did anyone ever hear from Wendel Meier’s grandson?

  62. Does anyone know who owns the house now? Is it still for sale?

  63. The property is at 37.984968,-100.999975 … however, the house in the photo doesn’t seem to match the overhead view of the house on the property. Maybe its just the lighting?

  64. Wendle Meier’s Grandson, I would love to get a copy of any pics or audio or anything that u have to share and from anyone else who also has original material be it letters or newspaper articles, pics or audio thanks so much …

  65. I’ve decided to sell my original PERRY SMITH JESUS CHRIST art that he painted on death row. I was going to take it to Christies oor one of the other auction houses but am waiting until after Christmas. It comes with over 100 zerox pages of writings of Perrys and Dicks and Prison request and comments. Capote & Harper Lee signing in to see them even their last meal request. Appraised at $75K….and will not move much from there.

    • Wow. I wish I could afford that! Did anyone ever end up buying it?

      • Still have it and it’s for sale!

  66. A new book has been published titled, “In The Shadow of My Brother’s Cold Blood” by Dr. Linda Lebert-Corbello as told by Walter David Hickock. WDH is the brother of Dick. It is a wonderful story of WDH’s life after the murders and the secret he held all these years. It can be ordered from

  67. I think that to by a house like that you must have no superstitions. I would be afraid to live in that house. Then again, ghosts aren’t real and its not likely that a murder would happen to the new residents in that same house.

  68. Again…for those of you interested…I’m selling the Jesus Christ Painting Perry Smith painted….It also is signed by Dick Hickcock. Please email me at for photos, info and pricing.

  69. […] Clutter family home for sale. В« In Cold Blog-A blog for historical … Mar 13, 2007… 2008 at 3:03 pm Blaesi said: Here is one link to file photos related to the Clutter murder. … […]

  70. […] Clutter family home for sale. В« In Cold Blog-A blog for historical … Mar 13, 2007 … If anyone is still looking for crime scene photos of the Clutter family, amazon has two copies of … […]

  71. Has anyone else noticed the similarities between the movie “In Cold Blood” and “Midnight Cowboy”? The flashbacks of Perry and Buck growing up in dysfunctional families, the rodeo connection to Perry and Buck’s childhood, the limp shared by Perry and Rizzo. Just curious.
    I too became totally engrossed in Capote’s book and years later had the same experience reading “The Killing Of Karen Silkwood” (second edition) by Rashke.

  72. i heard the clutter house burnt down, is that true?

  73. No, small fire, house is still fine. Leonard Mader and one of his son’s Wes Mader have died in the past several years. House I believe is still owned by the mader’s, been there several times at night, never noticed anything creepy, very quiet. Don’t know the exact address, just go south through holcomb on main street to the end of town some of the trees still there, down drive house on right

  74. Does anyone have the floor plans of the Clutter’s home? I was trying to recreate it for a crime lab.

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