Clutter family home for sale.

I was meandering around the internet the other day and discovered that the Clutter family home in Holcomb, Kansas (which is near the towns where I went school as a youth and the town my parents currently live) is for sale.

I note it because it’s interesting to see the house and interior now, after having seen all the horrific photos of it as a crime scene. Here are some photos:

*A note-I tried to get these photos to align right and I seem to be missing something, but I can’t figure out what. My apologies.

One of the bedrooms:

Another bedroom:

A modern look down the tree path that leads to the home, which was so aptly described in Truman Capote’s book:

And a look into the basement, where Herb Clutter was killed:

It’s a very lovely home, and the current owners (since 1990), the Maders, are the third owners. I hope that some family can make it their own and erase some of that bad “vibes”, for lack of a better word.
Related, while I was looking for some other photos for this post, I also found this:

It’s a photo essay in the Lawrence (Kansas) Journal-World commemorating the 40th anniversary of the book. Included are several photos highlighting the fun and functional parts of the home-which Herb Clutter designed and built himself.

This is a link to the entire series featured in the LJWorld-definitely a must-read for anyone who is interested in the story:

And finally, this is a great story from that series about the Clutter home:

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