Welcome to those interested in the Black Dahlia…

I’ve been noticing that many of the visitors to this website are searching for information on The Black Dahlia.

So I’m curious – if you’ve read a book on the Black Dahlia, which do you think hits closest to the truth?

I haven’t read all that many books on the subject – maybe three. I’m REALLY interested to see what everyone else thinks is the most likely scenario. Leave me a comment!

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  1. I think that John DOuglas’s “Cases that Haunt Us” has the best take on the crime itself. I think Mary Pacios’s book is very good on Beth Short’s biography but weak in its theory of the case.

  2. i think the fansination to this crime maybe percieved as crime of passion

  3. i think the fascination of the story is percieved as a crime of passion however cruesome the outcome

  4. Regarding the Black Dahlia. I recently became fascinated with this case after reading the book Black Dahlia Avenger by Steve Hodel. http://www.blackdahliaavenger.com

    Steve is a former LA homicide detective and for reasons too long to go into here, he began to research his deceased father’s background and found a Pandora’s box of secrets and horrors. Including the fact that very likely his father was the killer of Beth Short. He has many of the original files from the case and has really shaken up the BD crime buff community and the LAPD with his book and his discoveries. And his father was one of the original suspects in the crime. And ALL the evidence regarding his father has “vanished” from the LAPD archives. This book is fascinating, horrifying and I believe he has solved the case. Definately worth reading!!

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  8. I believe Steve Hodel’s book The Black Dahlia Avenger: The true Story is the best one out there. I’ve read just about all the novels and books about this case. Not to mention the book is written by the murders son, why would it be fake. And besides all the other books are written by opinion, this one has facts and even shows the evidence to prove this. You don’t have to be a student of criminal justice to see this is the real thing. If you think other wise.. u just like the gossip writers

  9. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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