Two historical true crime movies coming to theatres.

There are two movies opening that may be of interest to those who enjoy historical true crime.

The Black Dahlia  opens September 15. It’s based on the James Elroy novel, which is based on the Black Dahlia murder (which I have written about previously in the blog.)

Have you seen this movie? I’d love to hear if you liked it or not-I’m still debating whether I should see it in the theatres or not.

(For more information on the Black Dahlia case, please see this excellent article. )

The second film that is coming to theatres is Hollywoodland, the story of the original “Superman”, George Reeves.

This movie is based on the very entertaining book Hollywood Kryptonite, by Nancy Schoenberger.

(For more information on this infamous hollywood mystery, see this Wikipedia overview of George Reeves’ life and death.)

The George Reeves murder/suicide remains one of Hollywood’s most enduring mysteries, and I highly recommend the book on the subject, which I will likely review here after I reread it.

Seen the movie? Let me know if it’s worth seeing!

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