A blog note…

I will be leaving on Saturday for Kansas (from Illinois), where I will be attending a funeral, attending to some wedding details and spending three weeks with my folks. Blogging will be light, since, while I will have a computer, I will be sharing it.

In the meantime, I have a couple of books that I’m reading, including “Black Dahlia Avenger” by Steve Hodel, which I am rereading. Hopefully I’ll find a few other books lying around here at the house to take with me, otherwise it’s going to be a rather dull three weeks.

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  1. Hey, I just finished reading (yes, I can read! ;-)) “Under and Alone” a true story about an undercover agent that infiltrated the Mongols – an outlaw motorcycle gang. I found it quite interesting though probably not in the genre you’re interested in. In any case it’s a quick read.

    Nice weblog, I like the archival paper look it has.


  2. Oh! I know that book, and I’ve been meaning to read it. I am pretty sure there was some kind of A&E type show about it.

    And thanks!

  3. What ever happened to Steve Martin? When I was growing up, he was one of my favorite actors. Now he seems to be churning out zillions of movie which don’t do him justice.

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